Soft4Boost Apps in Your Language!

Below are the new languages for Soft4Boost Apps. Many thanks to the contributors!

Language Contributor Download
English Soft4Boost Team English.lng
German Ann Pfastiger German.lng
Russian Vladimir Fomichev Russian.lng
French Nicole French.lng
Spanish Havo Spanish.lng
Italian Pierre M. Italian.lng
Hungarian Zsolt Brechler Hungarian.lng
Danish Poul Erik Ulbrichsen Danish.lng
Turkish Mehmed Selim Öztürk Turkish.lng

If you don't see your language on the list, your can create your own translation and it's easy! Email us your translation! If we choose yours, you'll get the Soft4Boost Unlimited access subscription for free...along with all the fame and glory from your fellow speakers :)

How to do it:

  • 1. Click here to Download the file "English.lng" and open it with Notepad
  • 2. Translate to your heart's content! These are all the words and phrases of the Soft4Boost Apps interfaces. Just type the correctly translated words after the "=". Type only in single lines! Just keep typing in one long line for those longer phrases..."return" and "enter" will cause problems.
  • 3. Click "Save As" and name the file as the new language (Swedish, Romanian, etc.).
  • 4. Now it's done! Send us the new translation made by yourself to win a FREE Soft4Boost Unlimited access subscription!

Some Tips: Geez...what the heck are those symbols?

  • The symbols help the software know what to do. So basically don't worry about them and just leave them all in.
  • One symbol you will want to know about, though, is "&". When "&" is typed before a letter, for example "Re&gister", the letter becomes underlined on the regular interface screen. So, you would see "Register" on the regular interface screen.
  • Do not add any carriage returns! Type only single lines. You can use "Word Wrap" option to help if you'd like.

Please send any translations and questions regarding languages for Soft4Boost Apps to: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .